Viruses Riots and Toilet Paper…

June 15th, 2020

To our friends, family and customers,

Unless you’ve been under a proverbial rock, you can’t help but notice that 2020 has been a wild ride so far. Things are frankly… plain messed up. Every day we’re thankful that our new headquarters is in one of the least impacted areas of the country and that things are relatively normal out here in the great expanse that is known as Wyoming. 

We do realize that other parts of the country and even the world are not experiencing (air quotes) normalcy. Canada for instance just last month unilaterally banned firearms without including their own people with so much as a vote. The Covid-19 virus has left huge impacts in both business, and society as a whole. And demonstrations have been ignited across the country in both peaceful and extremely dangerous fashions leaving people wondering where the line between protest and riot lies.

Through all of this, one very silent thing has happened within the last month that not a terrible amount of people are talking about. Now this may not be true in your immediate area, but it is here and within our surrounding communities. Toilet paper has gone from being completely missing from store shelves to being available and in some cases plentiful. Just think of it. It was only two months ago when people were on edge, rushing to purchase the last remaining bundle of Charmin Ultra Strong like parents trying to secure the last remaining Tickle Me Elmo on Christmas Eve. Who knew that a simple and oddball rush on toilet paper could cause such panic and yet resolve so quickly?

This brings me to my next point. The same behavior that had temporarily destroyed the toilet paper market has also brought the same extreme complications to the firearms industry as a whole.  The crazy events of late simply could not have been more particularly timed, and because of this, we’re seeing a massive strain on the supply chain throughout the firearms industry.  We fully understand the reason behind the behavior; many more people have come to the same realization that many of us have known for years – you and you alone are ultimately responsible for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Because the AR-15 platform is one of the most effective choices out there, we are seeing unprecedented demand from both new and seasoned firearm owners.  Even though we build every rifle that’s ordered, we’re still dependent on key suppliers within the industry.  Forgings have to come from somewhere, the aluminum to make handguards has to be extruded before it gets to us.  Simply put, the firearm industry supply chain is stressed.

How are we handling this here at Stag arms?  Well…because of this elevated purchasing behavior you may see product temporarily missing from at times. This is because we take pride in what we do, and we promise to sell only the products that we have the inventory to fulfill. As you can imagine, this is extremely complex considering the variety of firearms we offer. 

When we have inventory for a firearm, upper, lower or various part, we will display it on the website, however, when that inventory is gone, it is purposely pulled from the site to simplify your shopping experience. 

Rule of thumb: “If you see it and want it, buy it quickly.”

In addition to the inventory constraints, our assembly and shipping team has been nothing short of heroic. They have taken the massive influx of orders in stride and they are working around the clock to make sure that your firearms, parts and assemblies are both built to the highest standards and shipped out in the order they came in.  They’re doing all of this while maintaining new cleanliness and distance standards. We’re extremely proud and thankful to have this fantastic team that is dedicated to meeting your needs in this time of great uncertainty in our nation.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we all make the best of what we have in our hands to serve you.  We’ll continue to bring our products to you as fast as physically possible, but we appreciate your understanding on what hoops we’re going to jump through to get there.

Stay safe out there. Keep in touch with us on our social channels and let us know how you’re doing and what you’re doing with your Stag!


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